110 Policy Speech Topics

Sometimes, it’s difficult to conduct a policy speech and we may all need a few pointers. A good clean policy speech is similar to giving a persuasive speech in the way that you have to present a particular side of an argument and use persuasive language to make your point. You should also make sure that you’ve thoroughly researched all the arguments you’re about to propose on a topic, otherwise, your speech is unlikely to be effective.

First of all, your speech should focus on describing any problems at hand whilst also persuading your listener or audience to take what you’re describing seriously. Your audience should be able to grasp why the issue you’re proposing in policy speech topics matters to them and you should encourage the audience to think about how to solve any problems you’ve presented. In this way, you can be sure that the dialogue will flow and the topic will get people thinking – you’ll be all set for a good conversation.

Once you’ve outlined and presented the topic at hand and have encouraged your audience to think about the ideas, you can give your personal opinion on the matter. Do you think that this policy is being carried out, or what would you like to see done personally? Is this policy currently effective or harmful to society? Whatever opinions you have, make sure you have conducted ample prior research on the topic so that you can provide an educated opinion and not just an emotional response.

Public policy and the law are often controversial topics – it’s no wonder that many people say you shouldn’t talk about politics because it can lead to a lot of heated argument. However, it’s untrue that political debate needs to be silenced. If there are salient points to discuss then why shouldn’t we give dialogue a chance? Be tactful and respectful in your approach and try not to offend any people’s deep beliefs as best you can, though the line is often fine here. Use your best judgment in all circumstances.

Here we combine a list of policy speech ideas that you could use for a compelling speech. They can be used in all sorts of conversations and for all age groups – they’re policy speech topics for college students, mature adults, and anyone else willing to have a discussion. Have a think about which ones you’d love to discuss and get passionate about, then go forth and encourage some interesting and thought-provoking dialogue about these persuasive policy speech topics!

  1. The Right To Know Law
  2. Positive discrimination and affirmative action
  3. Common Agricultural Policy
  4. Climate Change policy
  5. Mandatory testing for drugs in the workplace
  6. Emergency procedures at work and in public places
  7. Nepotism in government
  8. Female genital mutilation
  9. Reform on electing government representatives and MPs
  10. Defence budgets and policies
  11. Corruption in the economy
  12. Changing classroom sizes
  13. Subsidies for agriculture
  14. Transgender law reforms to allow for more rights
  15. Expansion of oil and gas drilling
  16. Economic productivity vs. individual prosperity
  17. Priorities for public security and defense
  18. The censorship of art in museums and public places
  19. Censoring certain forms of violent music
  20. Allowing for greater amount of CCTV in public places
  21. Reforms for the victims of flood disasters
  22. Tackling gender-based discrimination in the workplace
  23. Mandatory ID cards for all citizens
  24. Attendance policy practice in school and at the workplace
  25. Teaching pseudoscience in schools
  26. Pollution and banning car racing
  27. Public procedures for natural disasters
  28. Discrimination in the workplace based on hair colour
  29. Law reforms on acid attacks
  30. Problem policy speech topics discussion in classrooms
  31. Financial aid for underprivileged students
  32. Funding for wildlife conservation
  33. Stop and search protocols
  34. Gun ownership rights and the sale of guns in stores
  35. Teaching feminism in high school
  36. Immigration law reforms (numbers that can come in, countries that are allowed in, visa laws, etc.)
  37. Changing kindergarten school start times
  38. Homeschooling children shouldn’t be allowed
  39. Enforcing better hygiene standards
  40. Prisoner reforms
  41. Reforms for public pensions
  42. Policy on gambling on sporting events
  43. Euthanasia should be allowed and should be legal
  44. Allowing pornography online
  45. Reforms on justice law
  46. Bribery in government
  47. Laws on forms of physical and emotional harassment
  48. Changing the minimum age for gambling
  49. Foreign agenda priorities for the UN
  50. Limiting of parliamentary jargon and esoteric terms
  51. Pay-for-performance salary for teachers
  52. Reform on voting practices
  53. Banning revenge pornography
  54. Equal employment
  55. Safe sale of human organs
  56. Gender-based discrimination
  57. Mandatory school uniforms
  58. Giving children longer break periods
  59. Blood transfusions for Jehovah’s Witnesses
  60. The age that children can undergo surgery to change their gender
  61. The responsibility of children’s actions
  62. Drug policy
  63. Longer periods of public holiday
  64. Tolerance and racial slurs
  65. Illegalizing sexist images of women on the internet
  66. Foreign policy
  67. Teaching about evolution in schools
  68. Policies on cyclist mandatory helmet wearing
  69. Combining the church and state
  70. Privacy codes
  71. The right to die laws
  72. Rules on recycling
  73. Making all schools coed
  74. Decreasing the minimum age at which you can buy cigarettes
  75. Forbidding political organizations to speak on college campuses
  76. Reforming health care policies
  77. State requirement for physical education
  78. The protection of hate speech
  79. Procedures for client complaints
  80. Privatisation of prisons
  81. Company policies on electricity usage
  82. Putting controls in at transportation fairs
  83. Teaching sex education in schools
  84. Changing tenure for teachers
  85. Unfair police brutality
  86. Corruption in politics
  87. Reforming the patriot act
  88. Law reforms on free speech
  89. Increasing the length of lunch breaks at work
  90. Increasing the amount of government charitable contributions
  91. Banning smoking in public places
  92. Artificial intelligence to grade school homework
  93. Banning the ten commandments in US courtrooms
  94. Policies on language
  95. Legalisation of prostitutes and brothels
  96. Reforming loopholes in tax laws
  97. The National Tobacco Settlement
  98. Decreasing the minimum age at which you can purchase alcohol
  99. Reform of social security
  100. Laws on medical examination
  101. Changing whistleblower procedures
  102. Sexual education as a parental responsibility
  103. Censoring of the internet
  104. Taxing the super-rich
  105. Strengthening teen dating violence laws
  106. Changing the minimum age for voting in general elections
  107. Trying children in the legal system as adults
  108. Making meals in school completely free
  109. Allowing transgender people in the military
  110. Abortion law reform